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As a child, this Macau-based biologist, with a background in Science, idolised one specific mineral: METAL. Her grandfather spent his time creating and assembling mousetraps. Her father was a locksmith by trade.
But it was only as teenager that she ventured into learning the basics of WIRE jewelry, during a caravan trip with a friend and after years of bead and macramé works. 
Soon after came about her first brand: BIOjewelry - unequivocally the intertwining of these passions. 
Mainly a self-taught jeweller, Vânia completed level 2 of Jewelry at the Contacto Directo School in Lisbon, Portugal (formely known as Escola do Mestre Filomeno).
Born and brought up in Laranjeiro, in the Portuguese municipality of Almada, Vânia moved to one of the most crowded places in the world, MACAU, in Southern China, in 2013. Years later, in 2020, the Covid-19 PANDEMIC - and subsequent lockdowns and strict border closures - gave her the time to explore SILVER as a new material. Vânia immersed herself in a new project and “VÂNIA NOBRE JEWELRY” was born. 

The project showcases her skills as a jeweller, while also honouring her roots and telling a story. “Nobre”, a family name she inherited from her grandmother, someone with whom she had a special bond, means ‘noble’ in Portuguese - echoing the brand's main purpose: to offer MODERN women elegant and MINIMALISTIC jewelry, without compromising on quality.
Her pieces, laboriously constructed with TRADITIONAL techniques, are mostly produced at her home-studio in Macau. Being closely in touch with her clients allows Vânia to better understand the needs of these cosmopolitan women - women living a busy life, drawing from various cultures and looking for subtle and dainty accessories for any occasion.
We would love to see all your photos and reviews, so don't hesitate to tag #vanianobre on our social media pages!

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